25 Things to Do With Fabric Scraps

If you sew a lot, piles of scraps are something you have plenty of. Throwing them out always seems wasteful, but what can you do with all those fabric bits? We all threw in our favorite ideas to create this list of projects that give leftover fabric scraps a new lease on life:

  1. Make a lipstick or lip balm holder to fit on your keychain.
  2. Add a fabric lanyard to your keychain to wear it on your wrist.
  3. If a lanyard is not for you, make the keychain from your fabric scraps. Your keys have never looked so pretty!
  4. Use larger pieces to make a long body pillow to cuddle.
  5. Make wraps for mason jars. Fill them with whatever you need to keep organized. They will look so pretty on your shelf.
  6. Is there a baby in your life? Make adorable bibs to keep him/her clean while using up your extra fabric.
  7. That baby in your life needs to stay clean and dry. Make a pouch to hold clean diapers and a travel pack of wipes when you are on the go.
  8. Baby blankets are such a wonderful way to keep your little one cozy. Make a small blanket for your small one with a collection of colors and patterns from scraps you have on hand.
  9. Holiday season is not too far away. Why not make some adorable ornaments for the tree?
  10. If you like to entertain, consider napkin rings made from your fabric leftovers. They will add lots of personalized pop to your solid color napkins.
  11. If we are not sewing, we love to sit with a good book. A fabric bookmark is a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to your book. You can even make a few extras for stocking stuffer gifts this season.
  12. We always need a place for those extra pins. Make a pin cushion in any number of shapes with some extra fabric scraps.
  13. If you have kids heading back to school soon, make a pencil case from your fabric. They can pick the fabrics from your leftovers to get a truly personalized piece for back-to-school.
  14. Back to school also means lots of things to hand on the refrigerator. Cover magnets to make them not only functional but truly pretty.
  15. If your girlie-girl loves bows and bands in her hair, make some headbands with that extra fabric. Her style will be one to admire!
  16. If you have allergies or suffer from colds every year during cold and flu season, make a travel tissue pouch to keep fresh tissues clean in your bag.
  17. We love snuggling with a throw blanket especially in the colder weather. Make one from lots of larger scraps for a beautiful addition to your home.
  18. Snuggling on the couch also calls for tea or coffee (or cocoa if that’s your pleasure). Make a cozy from fabric for that cup to keep your fingers from getting too hot.
  19. We hate cords lying all over. With a bit of leftover fabric and some Velcro you can easily make a cord keeper to wrap up a long cord into something more manageable.
  20. Spice up a throw pillow with a fabric flower or ruffle made from your fabric leftovers. Your pillows will go from nice to wow with your special touch.
  21. Make a seasonal wreath to brighten up any door. In orange and black, you’ll have a great Halloween wreath. In pastels, you can welcome in springtime.
  22. With some lovely fabric scraps and sweet-smelling potpourri or scented beads, you can make sachets in your favorite scents for your clothing drawers.
  23. A braided fabric bracelet will be just the thing to make your ensemble stand out. It needs only a small amount of fabric and you can make them over and over with lots of colors and patterns.
  24. Make a rag rug from leftover fabrics to add a great spot in any room to sit and read, play games or just add some visual pow to the décor. Make it as big or as small as you need and with whatever color scraps work for the room.
  25. Last, but not least, make a bucket from your scraps to hold your scraps. Your fabric scrap bucket will store all your pieces after each project until it’s time to put those scraps to use!

We hope these ideas have inspired you to save and use those fabric scraps you’ve accumulated. Happy sewing and crafting!

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