Pattern Tips and Updates

Easy Three-sy Jacket Pattern Direction Update

Here are the directions for the Easy Three-sy Jacket (Click on the blue text). These will be  updated as needed.

Here is the pattern back for the Easy Three-sy Jacket  Click on the blue text


Simple-Elegant Dolman Sleeve Pattern Assembly

Simple-elegant dolman sleeve pattern



Simple Elegant Tee Embellishment Technique

Sewing Techniques

Try it. It's Easier Than You Think!


Shearing Fabric

Sew stripes over layered fabric and slash in between them to create this interesting effect! 

Puckering Fabric

Rows of stitching using elastic thread create this interesting puckered effect!

Double-Needle Tucking Fabric

Rows of stitching with double-needing and cording create this interesting effect!

Patching Cozy Quilt Fabric

Patch fabric, sandwich flannel between the fabric and lining, machine quilt, and wash & dry several times to create this interesting effect!