Patching Cozy Quilt

Choose a garment you would like to make. Plan a color scheme. Practice this technique and determine how much extra fabric will be needed to create your garment.

Preparing the Garment Pieces

1. Creating Patched Fabric

Cut the pieces for your fabric using a rotary cutter and mat or template method. After the pieces are cut, make a pile of like lengths and begin creating your fabric. about putting on some music, relax and enjoy the process?! I like to lay out several rows, then go back and stitch the strips together. (Remember to use 1/4" inch seams). I let the rows lay unsewn while I create a few more, then when I am sure I am happy with the colors, I sew the front row to the next row, using 1/4" seams, and the next and the next until, ta-da!

2. Quilting

Cut backing fabric and flannel the same size as your patched fabric. Stretch the backing wrong side up on a flat surface. Next smooth on the flannel. Now, put your patched piece of fabric on top, right side up. To hold together, use safety pins. Begin pinning in the center of a strip in the center of your fabric, working out towards the edges, pin in the middle of every other strip. For easier sewing, fasten safety pins parallel to every other strip. Now, you can begin quilting! I use nylon invisible thread on the top and a cotton thread that matches the lining in the bobbin. To make life easier, attach your walking foot. You can, however, quilt by hand or use your regular foot. I like to sew my first row parallel to where the selvage would be. Then use your guide and process from the top of the fabric towards the bottom. *Imperfections will not show and add character! (Serge or zigzag your edges to control raveling during washing).

3. Washing

If you like your fabric at all, you will love it after it is washed and dried three times! This will soften and shrink your work, giving it an old quilt look and feel. Washed quilted patchwork with warm water and mild soap, such as Woolite or Orvis paste. Then dry in dryer. Wash them again, this time no soap. Now dry them. And, you guessed it, wash them once more and dry them. Well? Do you like it? Many thanks to Gail Abeloe - Back Porch Press for this wonderful technique!

Finishing Up

Cut out the garment pieces and assemble the garment!