Give your business a boost by adding CNT Patterns to your product line!  A Little Somethin' Jacket and Simple-Elegant Tee  have been on the Top Ten sales list at both Checker Distributor and Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies for well over a year. Shops and Online stores realize they only needed to make a new sample garment and the pattern and fabric sales take off again. A year ago I was asked by Checker Distributor to update my early released patterns so they can get back into the game. I am thankful for that request and would like to offer my good fortune to you!

If you are a store or small business owner and are interested in receiving wholesale information, please contact Karen Nye at 970.948.4351 or email me at

Patterns are available and have been very successful for use in teaching classes and workshops.  Each student is required to have their own copy of the pattern, (the shop is not allowed to give away the pattern to their students by tracing off the pattern), so the revenue grows while shops sell fabric and build their reputation as the place to go, to sew! (And laugh, and make new friends, and share inspirations)!