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CNT's A Little Somethin' Jacket and Simple-Elegant Tee  have been on the Top Ten sales list at both Checker Distributor and Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies for several years. Shops and Online stores realize, making a new sample garment revives the pattern and fabric sales take off again! 

CNT Patterns have been very successful for use in teaching classes and workshops.  Since each student is required to have their own copy of the pattern, the revenue grows while shops sell fabric and build their reputation as the place to go to sew... and laugh, and make new friends, and share inspirations!


 A Conversation with Studio Q Owner, Fawn Schmidt, in Bethel, CT


CNT: Your shop sells Start After Breakfast Finish Before Lunch Jacket among other CNT Patterns. What has been the response from your customers?

Fawn: Right away I could see the enthusiasm for the jacket. What’s spectacular about this pattern is that it was designed in such a way that it offers so many possibilities for creating your own design from there. When I found Roni Gerhardt to teach a class focused on the jacket, it became very popular. Students have had a lot of fun making it.

CNT: The jacket is now something your students can learn to make in the Beginning Quilting class with Roni. How has Roni showed the pattern’s versatility?

Fawn: Roni made a quilted patchwork sample of the jacket to expand on the reversible original pattern using one piece of fabric, but you don’t have to do the small squares. From that pattern you could quilt it with two solid pieces—or you could make it from an old quilt and cut to fit. It really does show you can get creative and really become a designer from this one pattern. That’s part of the fun!

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Minimum first wholesale order is 12 patterns.  That can be 3 of one, 5 of one, 1 of another, and 3 of another... any combination to get to 12 or more.

CNT Patterns are $5.99 wholesale, but if you sign up for my wholesale newsletter they are $4.80 each or 20% off, on your first order! 

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