CNT Pattern Co. is very much a homegrown business! As sole proprietor, I'm one of those lucky kids who's had the opportunity to return to the soft down of mother's wing.  

Built on the shoulders of my Mother's company, the knowledge she shared with me provides the base on which my company is standing.

With over 35 years in the quilting business, Mom owned a quilt store, worked directly with Amish elders to distribute Amish quilts, and created Calico 'N Things, (CNT) a home-based business for mail order quilting supplies, which later grew to selling wearable-art patterns and fabric... all before the internet!

After moving close enough to my home in Aspen, to fully enjoy her grandchild, my Mother encouraged me to design patterns for her company. I had taught school, ran a school, and written a book titled "Building Self-Esteem For Decision Making: A How-To Handbook for Parents and Educators of Young Learners - Ages 3-7" (there's a mouthful). With a desire to build a little self-esteem of my own, and stay at home with my son, I
decided to follow my mother's vision.






Originally I designed patterns for CNT's traditional fabrics: cotton, rayon and fleece. Now that I've moved to Manhattan, I am beginning to show leather, fur, brocade and other fashion fabrics. Thanks to all of you, my last two patterns, A Little Somethin' Jacket and Simple-Elegant Tee have been on the Top Ten Best Selling list for two of the most successful quilt and sewing supply distributors in America!       

Through the years, I have learned that most individuals thrive on creative problem solving. My goal has been to develop a product that embraces and challenges this human characteristic. CNT Pattern Co. strives to design patterns, with easy to follow instructions, while teaching specific techniques and creating wearable-art.

I hope you'll find that, in addition to style, my patterns are designed for comfort, function, and ease of construction!