25 Things to Sew in Under 30 Minutes

Sometimes you want to work on a project and complete it in the same sitting. It gives satisfaction to know you started and finished it all in the same ‘session’. Today we have a list we have compiled for you of things you can make in under thirty minutes. We think they’re fun, easy, and just what you’re looking for when quick is the word of the day.


  1. A bouquet of fabric flowers needs no water but will make your room look lovely.
  2. Make a mini-messenger bag for travelling around with your essentials.
  3. Throw pillows are more fun with tassels around all four sides. Make one to brighten up your sofa or chair.
  4. Pillow covers are a quick project that allows you to change the vibe and color scheme of any room. Make one or make a bunch for your bed or couch.
  5. Storage bins are great in any room – bathroom, nursery, children’s room, even for a college dorm room. Make them pretty and functional – even reversible -   for your home.
  6. If you like watching television while relaxing on the floor, make oversized pillows to get comfortable while watching a great show or film.
  7. Luggage tags are quick and easy to make. Plus, they will be a lifesaver at the airport when you are trying to identify your specific suitcase!
  8. Have an iPad or other tablet that needs some protection? Make a pretty tablet case that will provide style and a little bit of cushioned protection for your device.
  9. Forget 30 minutes. You can make a fabric bookmark in under 10 minutes with your favorite fabric. Get that book ready!
  10. Sachets for your dresser are quick and easy to make, plus your clothes will smell so lovely. You can even make them in different shapes and sizes.
  11. If you love to cook, an apron is a must. Make yours in under 30 minutes so that you can keep neat while cooking up a yummy delight.
  12. A cell phone sleeve/wallet is a quick and simple way to add protection to your mobile while staying organized with your most essential wallet items.
  13. A simple tote bag will carry everything from groceries to books and will look great at the same time.
  14. Make a cosmetic pouch for all of your essentials for when you are on the go.
  15. Almost everyone loves a bean bag chair. You can make your very own in under 30 minutes.
  16. A bowl cover is a great project. You can make it in just a few minutes and will be able to keep your served dishes warm by keeping in some of the heat.
  17. Re-usable snack bags are a quick money-saving project. After you’re done with the snack, a quick wash will render them ready for use once again.
  18. Teddy bear outfits are a great way to play dress up with a fluffy best friend. Make a top and bottom for your bear friend in under 30 minutes.
  19. Keep that baby snuggly, warm, and napping away with a car seat cover make quickly at home.
  20. Never burn your hand holding the handle of a pot or pan again with the pot handle cover you can whip up in just minutes.
  21. Back-tab curtains dress up any room and provide privacy (depending on the fabric you’ve chosen). Make yours in under 30 minutes!
  22. Homemade goody bags made by you for a party are a perfect touch and super simple to get done. They may be more popular than what’s in them!!
  23. Help your little one become a super-hero with a super-hero mask made just for him or her.
  24. Super-heroes need more than a mask. Make a super-hero cape to go with his/her mask and super powers!
  25. A lipstick or lip balm case is a pretty way to keep your favorite one nearby. Make it with a metal ring to hang on your key chain.

There are many more projects to choose from that are quick and fun, but these are ones we liked a lot for you. Choose one or choose them all. And comment with other ideas you may have. Who knows…if we get enough suggestions, we’ll post another list.

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