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Start After Breakfast Finish Before Lunch

  • Start After Breakfast Finish Before Lunch

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Start After Breakfast Finish Before Lunch


Dress up any outfit with this versatile jacket - created to fascinate! Mix up 'n' down with back 'n' forth stripe, use 2 complementary fabrics or make all from one fabric. The jacket has a slimming inverted back pleat, and pockets in side seams. Easy construction = quick assembly. Let your mind create!

NEW! Try Start After Breakfast Jacket as a Reversible Jacket!

This jacket pattern is designed to have a single layer of fabric with facings at the neck and front center edge.

The Reversible Jacket has two layers of fabric. It does not have facings, a back pleat and, pockets are optional. It is really easy and really fast!

Double the fashion, double the fun!

"My daughter has a professional job at a university in Florida. She needs light weight jackets for meetings and conferences. I have made five versions of "Start After Breakfast, Finish Before Lunch" for her. She loves that pattern!

The deep inverted pleat means that the jacket is not restrictive. Pockets are always useful. She can choose to fasten the front button or leave the jacket open. It looks good both ways.

Thank you for designing this awesome jacket."

-Judy Schulte

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