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Easy Three-sy Jacket

  • Easy Three-sy Jacket

CNT Pattern Co.

Easy Three-sy Jacket


Easy Three-sy is a loose fitting jacket featuring an all-in-one Front & Sleeve, a jewel neckline that turns back to create a shawl collar, elbow length sleeves with easy overlapping tulip cuffs, and 3 Easy Back options.  You choose between a full back, a pieced back, or lower back seam opening, with a fabric overlay!

Complemented by a curved hem in Front 24" at center, that dips a bit longer in back 31", Easy Three-sy is a great canvas!  In our pictures you will see that you can add purchased cording, a flange trim or piping between the Sleeve and Cuff. You can also use complementary fabric or turn the fabric cross-grain on the Sleeve Cuffs, and if you want a closure,  a button and large snap or button with a loop closure is an easy creative addition!

Sizes 6-24

Embellishment Resources:

• Making Piping and Sewing purchased Piping or Cording

    • Flange Trim
    • Cross-Grain Fabric on Cuffs
    • Button and Large Snap
    • Button with Loop Closure

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